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Welcome to SWWISP

We are here to connect you to the internet

A fast connection. A reliable connection. A connection that is secure.

A Wireless Connection

SWWISP are a small company dedicated to providing reliable, fast and secure internet connections to rural communities within the South West.
I don't need a telephone line! Are you sure?
SWWISP are constantly upgrading and installing new equipment. This enables us to provide a faster service to more areas.

We provide internet connections to people and businesses that are deemed to be in the last 5% of the country who are not connected to capable networks - expensive to connect traditionally. These are our customers

How do we do this?

Our internet connections are not delivered to you by telephone line but wirelessly. This overcomes the problems of telephone lines being too far from the exchange or badly wired. Our connections are directly beamed to a small radio at your chosen location

Our services include fixed packages for the residential customer, public access hotspots and tailored options for businesses

Wireless internet connections with SWWISP are fuss free, We do all the work to ensure that you have a fast and reliable experience

SWWISP don't use satellites to distribute the internet. Our internet connections are all ground based, this ensures that they are free from high latency which can seriously affect your enjoyment of certain internet services like video streaming, catch-up TV, Skype and some business VPN solutions. SWWISP's wireless network is very low latency which enhances your experience of some of the more demanding internet services

Current customers can benefit by introducing a new person or business to us. If they take up a SWWISP service we will credit your account with 50GBytes of extra data usage allowance.

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